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Fox News – Following the Tax Trail…

Travis H. Brown on Fox and Friends – The United States of Taxation

Fox & Friends: Travis H. Brown Discusses the “Six Californias” Initiative #13-0063

“Cheeseheads” Leaving Because of Taxes


Despite excellent leadership by Governor Scott Walker, citizens of Wisconsin are leaving the state due to oppressive tax rates, according to a recent study by the free-market MacIver Institute. The governor made a historic amount of tax cuts, yet work remains to be done. The study shows that for many of Wisconsin's ci...

Tony Robbin’s new book: Money: Master the Game – mentions How Money Walks


Travis H. Brown, author of How Money Walks and Co-Author of Wealth of States , discusses Tony Robbin's new book Money: Master the Game which cites How Money Walks. (more…)...

Elections May Not Be Won Purely by Accomplishments – Case in Point, Florida


As the clock ticks towards the November elections, several Republican governors find themselves in very tight races for re-election. But the closeness of each race results from totally different reasons. Some have to do with objections to their conservative position on taxes and their limited-government policies, but one in particular owes to a major shift in population. Ironically, the same population migration that brought enormous wealth into ...