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Governor Christie Makes the Right Choice for New Jersey

By on Jul 1, 2014

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie made the right decision last night, when he not only signed his fifth balanced budget but also vetoed over $1 billion in new tax increases that had been passed by the New Jersey legislature. Christie’s leadership is commendable, not only because it demonstrates a strong understanding of smart tax policy, but also because it sends a...

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Critics such as liberal think-tank ITEP continue to impales themselves on the job creation data from no-income tax states.

By on Apr 21, 2014

Critics have recently attacked the economic growth and job creation records on no-income tax states. Organizations such as ITEP have published articles attacking no-income tax states and defending the failures of high tax states. It’s important to look at the claims they make in order to decipher the twisted logic by which they seek to defend the indefensible...

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Throughout Illinois, Taxing and Spending Only Brings on More Economic Woes

By on Mar 17, 2014

Quickly now…what is the capital of Illinois?  Many an eighth grader, robotically reciting state capitals like a word-association game, would certainly know the correct answer. If your first impulse was to raise your hand and yell out, “Chicago,” there would certainly be a tall stool and dunce cap waiting for you in the corner. However, there are definitely plenty of...

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