Back to Basics: Top State Income Tax Rates Across the Country

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Every state in the country has its own rules for state income taxes. To help you compare, we’ve listed the highest state income tax rates for all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Keep in mind that your actual tax rate might be lower because you could fall in a lower tax bracket or receive deductions that lower your taxable income. However, looking at the following rates can give you a good idea whether a state charges high or low income tax rates.

Alabama: 5.0%

Alaska: No personal state income tax.

Arizona: 4.54%

Arkansas: 7.0%

California: 13.3%*

Colorado: 4.63% Flat Rate

Connecticut: 6.7%

Delaware: 6.6%

Florida: No personal state income tax.

Georgia: 6.0%

Hawaii: 11.0%

Idaho: 7.4%

Illinois: 3.75%** Flat Rate

Indiana: 3.4% Flat Rate

Iowa: 8.98%

Kansas: 4.8%

Kentucky: 6.0%

Louisiana: 6.0%

Maine: 7.95%

Maryland: 5.75%

Massachusetts: 5.15%** Flat Rate

Michigan: 4.25% Flat Rate

Minnesota: 9.85%

Mississippi: 5.0%

Missouri: 6.0%

Montana: 6.9%

Nebraska: 6.84%

Nevada: No personal state income tax.

New Hampshire: 5.0%***

New Jersey: 8.97%

New Mexico: 4.9%

New York: 8.82%

North Carolina: 5.75%** Flat Rate

North Dakota: 3.22%

Ohio: 5.33%

Oklahoma: 5.25%

Oregon: 9.9%

Pennsylvania: 3.07% Flat Rate

Rhode Island: 5.99%

South Carolina: 7.0%

South Dakota: No personal state income tax.

Tennessee: 6.0%***

Texas: Texas does not charge income tax

Utah: 5.0% Flat Rate

Vermont: 8.95%

Virginia: 5.75%

Washington: No personal state income tax.

Washington DC: 8.95%

West Virginia: 6.5%

Wisconsin: 7.65%

Wyoming: No personal state income tax.

*The highest income tax rate in California is 12.3 percent, but the state charges an extra 1 percent surcharge on incomes over $1 million for the Mental Health Services Tax, technically making the highest effective rate 13.3 percent.

**This new rate began on January 1st, 2015.

***This rate only applies to interest and dividend income. There is no tax on wages or W-2 income.