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Enough About Austin, Already: The Other Best Cities in Texas for Millennials

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Austin is widely considered one of the best cities in Texas for Millennials to live. Given its booming job and real estate markets, vibrant culinary scene, and commitment to nature, it’s not difficult to see why Millennials are flocking to the state’s capital. Google even selected Austin as one of the cities to get its Google Fiber Internet service, further proving the city to be a top Millennial destination.

Texas, however, is a very big state, and Austin is not the only city that’s a good fit for Millennials. One thing to keep in mind is that Texas is one of seven states in the country that has no state income tax, which means that living in any city on this list, including Austin, will save you money in terms of taxes.

Without further ado, here are four cities in Texas that Millennials will enjoy calling home:

1. Houston

The most populous city in the state of Texas, and the fourth most populous city in the country, Houston is also a great place for Millennials to lay down their roots. According to a Forbes study, 15 percent of Houston’s population is made up of people ages 25-34. Affordable home prices, low rent, and a booming job market make Houston a great place for Millennials to start their lives after college. The city is also known for its stellar public transportation system, which is a must for any city with a large Millennial population that don’t want the hassle (or finances) of owning a car.

2. Allen

Allen is a suburb close to Dallas. It has a great combination of a high wages and affordable housing. The median household income of Allen residents is around $107,000 while the median home value is just under $200,000, making it an affordable place for Millennials and young families to live. One of the biggest companies in the city is Experian, which is one of the three big credit reporting organizations. Allen’s low cost of living coupled with its close proximity to Dallas make it a great place for a Millennial to start their career.

3. Dallas

Dallas is the third-largest city in Texas, and is located in the northeastern part of the state. Dallas is known for its affordable rent, and ranked fifth in the nation by WalletHub for best job markets in the U.S. It’s a big hub for technology and energy companies, which are sectors in which many young people are trying to start their careers. The city also has one of the highest concentrations of Fortune 500 companies in the nation, 18 of the 500 companies in the Dallas area alone!

4. San Antonio

Surprisingly, Millennials are flocking to San Antonio, and its number of residents ages 20-29 grew 9.2 percent from 2010 to 2013. This is mainly due to San Antonio’s low cost of living, diverse population, and its abundance of available technology and medical jobs. As the second most populous city in Texas, San Antonio has also been described as a less-pressurized and less-competitive version of Austin.

Austin is one of the best cities in Texas for Millennials. But there are a number of other cities in Texas with great job growth, low costs of living, and plenty to do. Add on the fact that Texas has no income tax, and these cities become even more premier destinations for Millennials.