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The How Money Walks application is the perfect companion to the How Money Walks book. Developed for both Android and iOS devices the How Money Walks application enables you to explore the migration data yourself using your tablet or smartphone. The the How Money Walks Pro application you can look up information based on your current location, state, county/MSA, address, as well as use the build in QR code scanner to look up the various references through the How Money Walks book.



Finally you have an easy way to sift through the gigabytes of IRS data. See what areas of your state are winners and which are losing working wealth.

To get a demo of the How Money Walks application download How Money Walks Lite – a free version of the application with limited features. For access to all the data, download How Money Walks Pro for $2.99. Both can be downloaded from the Google Play store or via iTunes:






Download on your Android device (iOS coming soon!):

For Android 4.0+ devices download: