How Money Walks in Texas: Straight to Hard-Working Taxpayers!

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For the past few months, the How Money Walks team has toured the nation, sharing the unimpeachable data found in our new book and app. People all over the United States are paying attention to what these findings mean for their families and businesses. Today at, managing editor Kevin Glass touts our data as he examines the big winners and the big losers in the tax-migration game.

Glass highlights Texas, which is the poster child for no-income-tax, pro-business success. He contrasts the Lone Star State’s triumphs with California’s travails — with a top income tax rate of 13.3 percent, California loses wealth and talent daily. Our How Money Walks team is pleased that Glass found our app useful for his research — indeed, the How Money Walks smartphone app is a tremendous tool for anyone who wants to see how wealth and people are moving into or out of their county and state.

We’ve learned from our readers that many of them find the Texas success story very interesting. They want to learn how Texas did so well, and how their own state might emulate such outstanding results. With that in mind, we are happy to share this video of Kevin Glass interviewing Texas Comptroller Susan Combs at CPAC.