In Maryland, Tax Data Helped Larry Hogan Win Big

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Last Tuesday night, Maryland Governor-Elect Larry Hogan achieved one of the biggest upsets among the nation’s gubernatorial races when he defeated current Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown. Hogan’s Change Maryland campaign used irrefutable data to challenge the common (but completely unfounded) narrative that Maryland is on strong economic footing.

Using IRS taxpayer data, much like we did in How Money Walks, the Change Maryland team showed a sobering outward migration of taxable income. In fact, in just three years under Governor Martin O’Malley and Lieutenant Governor Brown, Maryland lost $1.7 billion in taxable income to other states.

Pair that with the O’Malley/Brown administration’s 40 increases in taxes, fees, and tolls, and it becomes clear that Marylanders had plenty of good reasons to vote against the status quo, and elect a reform-minded leader like Larry Hogan.

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