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Indiana is a Great State to Model After – RNC 2016 – How Money Walks Minute

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Unlike Illinois, Indiana is a great state to model after. Having overseen an economic recovery during his time as governor by cutting taxes and expanding early education funding, Governor Pence has played a substantial role in boosting the state’s economic growth. Indiana’s unemployment rate is low and the workforce participation number is high; Governor Pence has turned Indiana into a credible competitor for companies that are looking to relocate.

Governor Pence has also made great investments in public education. Since his election as governor, Pence has been a consistent proponent of education privatization policies. He supports expansion and funding increases for public charter schools and voucher programs that push public money into private schools. Additionally, Governor Pence has made great strides in revitalizing the state’s manufacturing sector by simplifying the tax code to treat manufacturers more fairly, and by launching private-sector partnerships to improve the quality of the workforce.

Donald Trump and Governor Pence can apply what has worked in the state of Indiana and take it to Washington D.C. to help the nation as a whole.

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