Gained $24.32 billion in annual AGI*
Wealth Migration 1992-2019

Gained Wealth From:
$10.37 billionCalifornia
$3.38 billionOregon
$1.47 billionIllinois
$1.43 billionNew York
$992.74 millionAlaska

Lost Wealth To:
$2.01 billionArizona
$848.14 millionIdaho
$289.57 millionMontana
$60.12 millionNevada
$22.22 millionTennessee


*AGI - adjusted gross income as defined by the IRS. For most people AGI is the starting point in calculating their taxable income. AGI gained (lost) since loading this page is calculated based on the average rate of AGI gain (loss) between 1992 and 2019.