Money Walks and Data Talks in Washington, D.C.

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How Money Walks is making a big impact everywhere, from local town-hall meetings to the hallowed halls of the Capitol. Recently, our team visited Washington, D.C., where the book, the app, and the data received a warm welcome from legislators. United States Congresswoman Ann Wagner and United States Senator Roy Blunt both sent out letters encouraging their colleagues to read the book and explore the data.

While in D.C., the Cato Institute invited Travis H. Brown to give a Capitol Hill briefing. After that compelling presentation, Brown was invited to share the book’s findings with all of the legislative assistants on the Senate Finance Committee.

The How Money Walks app is perfect for busy lawmakers and staffers. By just touching a screen, they can find out which counties within a congressional district have been adding jobs and people – and which haven’t. Plus, the touchscreen technology allows users to make their case quickly and precisely (perfect for those elevator pitches!).

Whether you’re on Capitol Hill or in Hollywood Hills, on Wall Street or on Main Street, the data in How Money Walks can change the way you think about where to work and live.