Nevada: The Perfect State for Outdoor Entertaining

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With spring in full bloom and summer around the corner, people across the country are spending more time outside to soak up some sun. Many families enjoy hosting parties outside for friends, neighbors, and extended family during this time of year, and some states are better than others for outdoor entertaining in terms of climate and affordable family fun. Nevada is one of these states, thanks to its warm spring days and low tax rates.

Low Taxes, Affordable Living

Nevada is one of seven states with no state income tax. While climate and lifestyle might be similar in neighboring California, top wage earners living there would give up 13.3 percent of their income to state taxes. Alternatively, residents of Nevada pay zero, making it an attractive place to call home. And unlike some states with low income taxes, Nevada does not make up for its loss of income tax revenue through higher property taxes. Affordable housing is available regardless of taxes, too, with median home prices hovering just under $200,000.

In addition, the state has seen spectacular employment growth over the past several years because of its tax policies, according to The Wealth of States, allowing residents to keep more money in their pockets for recreation and outdoor entertaining.

Ideal Climate for Outdoor Entertaining

The climate in Nevada might be as varied as the assortment of casinos that light up the Las Vegas Strip. From the Mojave Desert in the south to the Sierras in the west, the state has several extremes. The majority of the population lives in Las Vegas and the surrounding vicinity, where spring high temperatures average in the 80s.

Whether picnicking with the family, playing horseshoes with the kids, or xeriscaping with the local garden club, Nevada’s climate offers plenty of opportunities for spring outdoor entertaining. In fact, many desert residents take advantage of their tax savings by splurging on private swimming pools. A pool party with a barbecue is a great way to take advantage of warm spring weather.

It’s Not All About the Casinos

While many people consider Nevada a place to test their luck at the slots or tables, just as many cheap outdoor pursuits as gaming opportunities exist. Near Las Vegas, Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area offers hiking, biking, climbing, and nature viewing. Off-road enthusiasts can ride motorbikes, dune buggies, and all-terrain vehicles in Sand Mountain Recreation Area. Lake Mead and Lake Tahoe also offer all sorts of boating and water recreation.

The best place for outdoor entertaining in the Silver State depends on whether you like desert, mountains, or a combination somewhere in between. Nevada’s affordable housing, low taxes, and high job growth make it easier for families to save more money for enjoying outdoor life.