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The Best Professional Networking Sites You Might Not Know About

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While LinkedIn is important for networking, there are many other professional networking sites that Millennials can lean on to discover new professional opportunities.

Here are nine professional networking websites that are still under the radar but provide excellent resources for Millennials looking to spread their influence and build their brands:

1. Plaxo

Plaxo allows you to keep all your contacts in one place, which you can access from anywhere and everywhere. This helps you to easily toggle between your professional and social networks, providing organized and efficient connectivity between the formerly distinct groups.


EFACTOR connects business owners to one another. You can search for tips and schedule meetings with other entrepreneurs, both online and off. This gives you the chance to bounce ideas off of other like-minded people and glean crucial intel about their best practices.

3. JASEZone

JASEZone provides an avenue where you can look for both potential business partners and future clients.

4. Ryze

Ryze exists to help business owners expand their networks. You can receive advice, tips, and resources from others in your industry; connect with business contacts; and even make business deals with other Ryze members.

5. Networking For Professionals

Networking For Professionals physically hosts networking events for business professionals in New York City, Long Island, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Boston, and Philadelphia. The opportunity to talk directly with someone is becoming increasingly difficult to come by in the digital age, so there is real value in having your prospective clients and associates meet you and shake your hand.

6. Perfect Business

Perfect Business provides a space for entrepreneurs, investors, and business experts to find each other. This type of networking is a vital part of launching and growing a business because all three disparate groups need to be involved for the process to be a success.

7. Startup Nation

Startup Nation is a networking website and forum that lets users gather information about how to be prosperous in areas of marketing, sales, and funding. It then it serves to connect those users with others who have similar goals and business interests.

8. Upspring

Upspring is a tool for businesses to gain visibility and to find others in the industry who could lead to enterprise growth. Its primary focus is help you market your business and make important connections.

9. Cofoundr

Cofoundr is an invaluable asset when trying to find employment within the tech industry. After you create an online profile and advertise your services, employers come to you. The site has services that make it easier to find jobs and will help you once you receive job offers.

In the end, finding networking opportunities may be easier than you think. There are many sites available that offer a bit more specificity than larger professional networking sites, so check one out today!