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The Heritage Foundation: Defender of Freedom, Opportunity, Prosperity, and Civil Society

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The Heritage Foundation, a research organization founded in 1973, seeks to “build an America where freedom, opportunity, prosperity, and civil society flourish.” Free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense are all vital to this goal.

Policy Experts in Proximity to Capitol Hill

The organization’s more than 200 professionals work together to ensure that the data and analyses they compile are made available to consumers in a timely manner. Within The Heritage Foundation’s ranks of policy experts are economists, military leaders, lawyers, educators, and historians. There are also former elected officials, such as Heritage President and former senator Jim DeMint as well as Ronald Reagan’s former attorney general, Edwin Meese III, who engages in legal policy. Noted economist and Wall Street Journal editorialist Stephen Moore is a fellow at the organization.

Thanks to its location on Capitol Hill, The Heritage Foundation is close to lawmakers, staff, and other policymakers, giving its members more effective access to the national debate. Its on-site auditoriums host lectures or panel discussions on foreign policy, economics, or the judiciary (among many other issues), all of which are open to the public and often covered by the media.

Advocating for Freedom

In addition, Heritage analysts and researchers create publications consisting of in-depth analyses of particular policy issues. For more than four decades, presidential administrations, members of Congress, senators, congressional staff, and state lawmakers have relied upon the Heritage Foundation’s research to help them formulate their own policy recommendations. In addition to the organization’s analyses, numerous Heritage experts advocate for freedom in newspapers, on websites, on television, on radio shows, and through the organization’s Daily Signal.

Even lawmakers and activists from other nations rely on Heritage’s information. For many years, friendships have been cultivated with proponents of liberty across the globe who have been inspired by the timeless principles this nation was founded upon.

Eliminating Crony Capitalism

The Heritage Foundation, at its core, believes in “opportunity for all but favoritism to none.” As such, it opposes crony capitalism in all forms, such as the Export-Import Bank, bailouts and green energy subsidies. The organization promotes across-the-board income-tax reductions, capital gains tax reductions, elimination of the death tax, and corporate income tax reductions. Other long-term goals include reining in the out-of-control regulatory state and unshackling the health care sector from the Affordable Care Act.

Each member of the Heritage team shares a passion for the organization’s mission. To discover that mission for yourself, take a look at the Daily Signal or stop by for a lecture. All are welcome.