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Want Financial Advice? Follow These People on Social Media

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Whether you’re looking for the latest financial advice or promoting your own business, Twitter and LinkedIn have become ubiquitous in the world of finance. Keeping current on these two platforms is almost a necessity in today’s hyperconnected world.

But how do you know which individuals and companies are worth following? There are hundreds of thousands of profiles to choose from, so it’s easy to get lost or to focus your attention in the wrong place. Let’s take a look and some of the best.


An ideal financial guru on this microblogging site will provide you with factual, up-to-date news and will add to their feed on a regular basis.

Here are some great financial authorities to follow:

  • Jeff Rose: Rose is rebel in the world of financial advisers. He is a war veteran and an author who runs his own wealth management company. He also writes the wildly popular Good Financial Cents blog, where he answers many common financial questions with humor. His Twitter feed is frequently updated with inspiring messages and timely news.
  • Michael Kitces: He’s a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) with a strong Web presence, including a high-traffic blog. Kitces is very active on Twitter, providing great insights for financial planners and their clients. His insight benefits those looking for deep and wide-ranging posts on a more general financial topics.
  • Jean Chatzky: If you’re looking for someone who gives out great financial advice and has lots of experience in the field (worked for the Wall Street Journal and Forbes), then you must follow Chatzky on Twitter. She has in-depth knowledge on a broad range of financial information, which she sends out to her followers free of charge.
  • Farnoosh Torabi: She’s written multiple books, has hosted and produced finance television shows, and is a renowned speaker. Her advice especially resonates with young people because she talks about how to get ahead in the workplace and save for retirement early in your career.


This professional social network has moved beyond being simply a recruiting site—many people share relevant posts and advice in their respective fields. While not as popular as Twitter for actual content, LinkedIn can be a solid additional resource for those looking to stay updated in the world of finance while also furthering their career.

Here are some financial people to follow:

  • James Altucher: Altucher is a multimillion-dollar investor and author. He teaches others how to build efficient businesses and regularly posts his latest content on his profile. In addition, the list of influencers he follows is the who’s who of the world of money.
  • Suze Orman: Orman has been a staple in the world of personal finance for years. Her LinkedIn page is a good place to find links to her publications and projects, as well as a steady update of her latest articles.
  • Sophia Bera: Bera is a CFP and founder of the Gen Y Planning network. She is the go-to source for financial advice, especially focusing on student debt and attaining financial independence, for Millennials.

There is an ocean of content on the Internet. If you follow any of the great resources included in this post, you’ll surely have the latest and greatest information available.